10 Top Mistakes Nigerians make at Visa Interviews

The most important part of the whole visa process is the Visa interview. Being through a successful interview can have a positive impact on the visa issuance decision. Here are the most common mistakes you can make during your visa interview.

  1. Preparation Matters.

Just like any other interview, be it a job or otherwise, it is advised to engage in proper research to get the commonly asked questions and their appropriate answers. This will be very helpful at the interview.

  • Appropriate Fee

Carry your appropriate fee along with you. Know the exact methods of payment and application fee. Some embassies have strict methods of payments. Make sure you know the method and the exact amount of the applicable fee. Refer to an appropriate source for more detailed information. Visit Visapoint.travel

  • Incomplete and inconsistent Documentation

All your documents must be complete and genuine. Read all the prerequisites and prepare all the documents accordingly. Keep documentation well organized as this will leave an impression on your consulate officer. If the information you are giving at the interview is inconsistent with your documentation, it could work against you.

  • Dress Appropriately

Wear formal clothes as if for a formal business meeting.

  1. Fake or Unsubstantiated Information

Any incomplete/false information can lead to denial. False information also has its repercussion. It could affect your future applications or may attract penalties such as a travel ban or prosecution)

  1. Don’t be a loose tongue.

Giving unnecessary information when you are not asked may trigger related questions which may not work in your favor. This usually happens to people who are trying to appear over confident and smart. Do not give an information you are not asked

  1. Arguing with the Consulate Officer

Never get into arguments with the consulate officer. If you need an information from him, ask politely.

  1. Poor Communication

This a number reason that will affect your interview in a negative way. If you are not good in a particular language ask for an interpreter.

6. Never talk too much

Keep in mind you are not the one interviewing but rather the interviewed. Keep your communication short, precise and to the point. Speak only when asked for an answer.

  1. Appearing Nervous

Your confidence can affect you positively. This will be of immense help if your consulate officer has to rely on limited information provided by you. Their judgement is highly influenced by your body language and the authenticity of your answers.

We would continue with more of these in a subsequent publication. Please always visit visapoint.travel for information on your travel and visa related concerns.