There’s the easy way to get to the UK and then the hard way. I won’t be mysterious about it; I’ll get straight to the point. The hard way is to cross seas, wrestle sea monsters, and get caught at the border.

The easy way is by getting a UK visa.

But there’s a catch. How exactly can you apply for a UK visa and get accepted every single time?

However, did you know that you may not need a visa to travel to the UK, depending on your nationality? If you are

Check out this if you’re still unclear on that or don’t know what countries fall under this category.


Don’t be sad if your country did not appear on the list; mine doesn’t either. Just a little effort here and there, and you’ll be in the UK soon. Thankfully, this process doesn’t involve bullets and guns; it’s safe.

Let’s get into it.

              i. You need to know why you’re going to the UK.

There are various reasons the UK recognizes as valid, but they can be categorized into three: Visit, Study and Migrate. Before going further, try to classify your reason into one of those.

              ii. You can’t apply too early

Note that the UK is busy with tea parties and settling arguments about the monarchy. They don’t have the time to approve a visa when you don’t have plans to travel soon.

The earliest you can apply for a UK visa is six months before your scheduled travel date or three if you’re visiting.

             iii. Know the expiry date of your passport.

Do you even know where to check for this? That first page; the one with your picture on it. The expiry date is there.

Your passport has to be valid for at least the duration of your entire stay and should have one blank visa page. Also, ensure that no part of your passport has been torn out or tampered with.

             iv. You need a lot of documents

There’s a long list of documents involved in this process, and I’ve taken the time to assemble this list for you. Find it here.

             v. Complete an online application.

If you have checked the list and assembled the documents, you’re on your way to see the Queen.

However, this part can make or mar your entire application. Do not attempt to lie on your online application even when drunk because they will find you, and they will come to your house to pluck your eyes out. I was kidding. I think.

Visit here to access the application form. Is the form looking like gibberish to you? Click here.

            vi. Do not miss your visa interview

Remember those documents we spoke about on that list? Carry them along with you. If you’re under 18, go with an adult. Pay attention to the questions you’re asked and be confident. Check out this other article; I put tips on how to ace the interview.

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