7 reasons you must visit Victoria, Seychelles

1. The fantastic festivals © Provided by Wanderlust Dancing during the Festival Kreol (Peter Moore) 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Seychelles as a nation and a year-long program of events, concerts and festivals have been organised to celebrate. Many of the biggest events will be held in Victoria, centred around Freedom […]

Summer Break in Turkey (explore the beautiful beaches)

We know travelling is good and we know how much you love to travel and unwind. As you are planning on taking a summer break away from the hustle this year, here are some beautiful landscape and stress-relieving places to visit and ease-off in Turkey this summer. 1. ANTALYA  Antalya is an attractive city with […]

This Easter, Dubai Is Going To Be Lit!

We all know Lasisi Elenu is having a swell time in Dubai courtesy Travelbeta, don’t get jealous yet. With Visapoint and a reasonable budget, There is a tour package HERE for you. Just so you know, These are amazing places you should visit when you get to Dubai 1. The Malls Have a memorable sight […]


Happy New Year everyone!!!! An exciting holiday it was for us here at Visapoint. Lots and lots of fun. We hope it was same for you. Any New Year resolutions? Oh well, let me add to your list of resolutions if you have, and even if you don’t have we will help you start a […]

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Nigeria

Nigeria enjoys vast coastal plains in its southwest and southeast regions. Naturally, such areas constitute beaches, which make for relaxation spots and tourist attraction sites to be enjoyed by visitors. Nigeria’s beaches largely cover six of its states and we’ve rounded up some of the country’s most beautiful ones you can hope to visit. Calabar Beach, […]