Being a blogger could sometimes be a herculean task especially when it comes to choosing a title for your post. You get a wrong title you miss it. You could have strong content but you must be able to catch a reader’s attention. So this time around I got gisting with a friend and I suggested an off-beat destination while trying to prepare him for a trip. Alas! he asked what an off-beat destination is. In a bid to explain to her what it is, I also got to know that so many others don’t know what it is? And there I found a title for my new blog post.

Let’s try to define what an off-beat destination is, to give us a better understanding of the phrase. To some people it is that part of an intending traveler’s itinerary that is not the main part of the tour. May be not a major shopping destination, or a major summer/winter vacation destination, has very few options for overnight stay, does not have easy transport options and so many others opinion of what it means. Most importantly you would notice, it is not a regular travel destination plan. For change sometimes travel consultants may advice our clients to try an offbeat destination to experience something new from their normal itineraries.

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Choosing such a destination is all about considering putting life into slow gear and living a less complicated and de-cluttered life for a bit.


  1. Visit a country side: Take a break from the normal hustle and bustle of the urban areas to a serene country side. A place where not many people would want to visit. This will help you unwind and increase your imaginative abilities.Image result for country side pictures
  2. Choose any other destination that falls under that category. Make contact with the place, the people and get conversant with the culture and how things happen there. This will help you have tips on how to plan your tour within the place.
  3. Let your choice of off-beat destination be accessible: Some are difficult to get to, while others are quite accessible and often visited. Choosing a destination that cannot be accessed easily will rather complicate your whole travel itinerary.
  4. :Just the same way you would plan for your normal trip this is not any different.Most of these off-beat destinations are not tourist friendly the kicker for one though is that he makes proper preparation before time.Image result for pictures on logistics