5 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying to International Schools

A rejected university application is usually not a result of one particular mistake, but a combination of factors outside applicants’ control often contributes to rejected applications. Below are common avoidable mistakes to look out for in your next application

  1. It makes the admission officer job more difficult if the applicant does not provide enough information with regards to their qualification (date and year of graduation, Grade and CGP)

2. Applicants should endeavor to apply at least six months before resumption (as this will allow enough time for students to sort their finances and prepare for visa application.

3. Also, the applicant should take into consideration the visa processing time of his country.

4. Always cross-check to be sure that you apply to the right course for the right program as the application fee is nonrefundable or transferrable.

5. Intending applicants should ensure to communicate any change in their study plan with the institution e.g. inability to meet the payment deadline, inability to meet the document submission deadline, deferment of admission to next available session, travel date, and other related issues.

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