Are you in the process of applying for your UK Study Visa, or was your visa application rejected recently? Then this article is for you.

We know how stressful the process is and how disheartening it can be to get your application denied, and that’s why we are putting this article together. We want to make sure you’re on the right track during your application, and your application never gets rejected again.

  1. Failure to Provide the Proper Documentation for Proof of Funds.

The UK Embassy needs to know that you’re capable of paying your fees and taking care of yourself all through your stay. The United Kingdom is not willing to receive people who will be dependent on their system.

So you need to show valid and concrete evidence that you have enough money to see yourself through school. Click here to see a breakdown of what you need regarding proof of funds during your application.


  1. Lying on the Visa Application

The UK Embassy is full of people that have been in the business of scrutinizing applications for years, and they have your details. Don’t you think they’ll be able to spot a lie? Be very honest on your application because lying can cause you to be barred for 5-10 years.


  1. Not Giving the Proper Documentation

Submitting false documents is another reason why visa applications get denied. Like I said earlier, these people know their work. They can spot an authentic document from a fake. Don’t falsify documents, and ensure that all your documents are in tune with each other. For example, your date of birth shouldn’t vary on your documents. Check the intrinsic details.


  1. Lack of Proper Understanding of Course of Study

You need to be able to defend your choice of course of study. Ask yourself questions like: Is it in line with my bachelor’s degree or line of work (if applicable)? How does it impact my chosen career path? What is the course about? What are the modules that are going to be taught?

It would be best to have solid answers to these questions before you apply.


  1. Filling the application different from what is on the CAS form

Once you are given admission from your school of choice, the school will provide you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Study ) form. This document dictates how you fill out your application form. As written in the CAS form, so shall ye fill it in your application form.

Still, need help with your visa application? Check out this video we made for you here.

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