Did you know that 40% of the top ten best universities globally are based in the UK? It seems like you’re making an intelligent choice innit?

I know the application process can be hectic, but it’s easier if you know all the things you need. Here’s a detailed list of what you need:

  1. Two photographs taken within six months before application.
  2. A valid passport. I advise your passport to have an expiry date that extends beyond your expiry date and has one blank page.
    As an international student, you will find that renewing a passport in the UK is more stressful. The passport should also have one blank page. Ensure that no part of the passport is damaged or tampered with.
  3. Complete student visa application form. The form for international students is different from that for students in the UK. Be sure you filled out the proper form.
  4. You will receive a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter at the end of your school application. This letter is valid for six months from the time it was issued.
  5. Evidence that you have proper knowledge of the English language. This refers to the English Language Qualification Certificate that can be a test you took; the SATs or IELTS
  6. Evidence that you have enough money to pay for your course and support yourself throughout your stay in the UK. This document is called Proof of funds, it will include bank statements and pay slips.
  7. If your fees are being paid by a parent/legal guardian, you will need to include your birth certificate or adoption papers and a letter from parent/guardian permitting use of funds.
  8. If you are on a scholarship, provide adequate information and proof from the organization. The document should show your personal information and information of the organization including if it is a full of partial scholarship.
  9. Original Academic Results Certificates
  10. Tuberculosis Test Results


Goodluck with your application and interview. You will do great! I hope you found this useful.



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