Having a Visa application refused can be a confusing, frustrating, and upsetting experience. It always feels personal, and always seems judgemental — as well as unfair.

Of course there are so many reasons why a visa applications may be refused, and it is always worth remembering that each case is unique.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why most #Nigerian visa applicants get refused.

1.Insufficient means of subsistence

Your visa will be refused if the you fail to provide proof that you have sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay as well as for the return to your home country or country of residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or that you are is in a position to acquire such means lawfully.


2.Lack of ties to your home country

You must show ties to your home country documentation and records of things that you have in your home country that will make it more likely you will return such as a job/school, family, property.

3.False or unsubstantiated documentation

Any Incomplete or false information can lead to denial. It also has its repercussions. This could affect your future applications and may attract penalties such as travel ban or prosecution.

4.Absence of travel History

Everyone must begin travel at some point and with affluent nations the inexperienced traveler can enter paradox. Just like a new arrival on the job scene, you need one to get one

5.If deemed a threat to public Policy, Internal security & public health

An application for a visa will be refused if you are considered to be a threat to public policy, internal security, public health or international relations of the country he is applying to. Especially where an alert has been issued regarding the applicant in the country’s national databases for the purpose of refusing entry on the same grounds

We would take only 5 reasons today and continue with the remaining in our next blog post. Visit Visapoint.travel for more information on visa related matters.

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