Earlier in the week we started a discussion on some reasons why Nigerians are denied visas. We would continue today with some of the reasons.

6.No change in circumstance since previous denial

It is generally more effective to wait until your circumstances have changed. Otherwise, it is not likely that you will be able to demonstrate eligibility shortly after already being found ineligible.

7.Poor knowledge of Socio-economic circumstance of host

When applying for a visa, if you are not aware of the total measure of your hosts work experience based on income, education, and occupation your visa could be refused.

8.Application history of relatives and accompanying travelers

If any of your relatives have been deported before, this could affect your chances of visa issuance. As well as the case of a group travel and one member of the team gives an information that is inconsistent with the groups information, it could lead to visa denial.


9.Application packing by an unqualified Visa Consultant

There are visa consultants everywhere but not all have the know how to package an application for a client.This could lead to wrong documentation or even processing which ultimately leads to a denial. Visit visapoint.travel for your visa consulting services and be guaranteed of higher percentage of success.

10.Unjustifiable reasons for travel.

If you are unable to justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay, this could lead to your visa denial.

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