When choosing where to dine, most of us consider location, brand, food variety, surroundings, and menu price range. But what if cash wasn’t a factor? There are a number of restaurants that offer premium and unique high-end culinary experiences. The list of the world’s most expensive restaurants trumps even the priciest restaurant in your neighborhood. These are the eatery joints for the, who-is-who at the top of political, celebrity, and sports world. Most of them are in Japan, Western Europe and a few in the United States. They attract the wealthiest and most moneyed types from around the world.

X. Masa, New York City:

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This restaurant is located at the Time Warner Centre in New York. It’s as much an experience as it is an eat-out joint. The senior chef Masa Takayama recommends a relaxed eat-out scene that accommodates up to a 3-hour multi-course cooking event. The hotel does not run a fixed menu. When clients arrive, they are introduced with a number of fresh meals right out of the kitchen. The meals range from $350 per person minus tax or tip. The drinks available range from a minimum of $400 to a high of up to $2,000.

IX. Le Pre Catelan, Paris:

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This pricey restaurant is situated right in the middle of Bois de Boulogne Park in Paris, France. The meals in this trendy restaurant start at around $85. The desserts are priced at about $43 while the a la carte exclusive meal goes for $130. The seven-course meal in this high-end restaurant is priced at about $255 including tax and tips. A seasonal 5-course meal costs about $199 per person. Some of these pricey meals are served alongside prawn ravioli within olive oil broth. They can also be served combined with veal combined with cinnamon-aromatic puree.


VIII. Misoguigawa, Osaka, Kobe, & Kyoto:

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This restaurant services French meals with Japanese twists. It’s located at an old steakhouse in central Kyoto. One of its notable meals is the Kaiseki-form French cuisine which has been served since the early 1980s. Its 8-course meal, costs no less than $162. A more specialized multiple course meals cost about $270 including tax. Even then it has to be ordered and paid for 5-days ahead of time. They offer desserts such as chocolate marquise along with berries in a sauce of pistachio cream. Some meals include beef fillet with buttered French beans, grilled pumpkin and potato soufflés.


VII. Sublimotion, Ibiza:

source: hellotravel.com

This underwater restaurant is considered an impressive work of art and hospitality when it comes to eat-outs. It’s thought to be the favorite destination for the world’ wealthiest. The restaurant boasts a litany of some of the finest cooks in the world who whip out unique meals at a moment’s notice. The meal constitutes a wholesome 20-course eating plan per person. The total expenses in this eatery come to about $2078 per person. Given the ambiance, services, and the overall experience it is well worth the pricey tag. That price tag places it in a league of its own.


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